17 February 2012

Valentines Day Google Doodle Animation

Assalamualaikum pembaca semua ^_^..

Hehe.. mana boleh sambut.. apa lah ProfIT nih~~

Walaubagaimanapun tidak salah kalau kita nak tengok keunikan yang ada pada Google Doodle pada musim Valentina tahun ni bukan??

The first sketch and the final art for the logo.

Hari Kekasih tahun ini google.com menceritakan tentang seorang budak lelaki dan usaha pencariannya untuk satu hadiah yang paling sempurna untuk orang yang istimewa; (gadis yang suka lompat tali di taman)

Above are some of the storyboards that help visualize and figure out the timing and the 'beats' of our story. There are many failed attempts by our little guy to find the perfect gift but in the end the gift that counts the most is the one he cant buy. The second image is that moment when she realizes he's spending quality time with her, doing what she loves to do, which results with a grandiose hug.

I probably would've given in with the box of chocolates =] 

This is a 'color-script' for our story, which helps determine the overall balance of color and emotion in the piece. There are some panels in there that changed a bit in the final video but nonetheless helped with the 'tiled' shot of all the couples (below).

Background art of our little man's desk area.
Above is one of the 'laptop' backgrounds. If you look closely you can see his notes and the appearance of more juice boxes as our protagonist starts sweating bullets when he cant seem to find the right gift.
...and here's the final logo, a 'valentine' for all of our users. We really hope you guys enjoy it! Big thanks to all who were involved! J Hom, Sophia F-D, Mike Dutton, Ryan, KHom, Brad, Marcin, Ying, Stephanie, Leah and a very special shot out goes to Michael 'Lippy' Lipman who pulled off animation wonders =]

What do you think of Google’s latest Valentine’s Day Doodle? Sound off in the comments.
On a fun sidenote: If you type a certain algebraic equation into Google search, you’ll get a special surprise

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