24 April 2010

Chat was another ways how to excellent in english

Chat was another ways how to excellent in English

    Why I says that chat was another ways how to excellent in English??

Actually chat not only make you better in English but it also make all of your language better and it's a GREAT exercise BEST SOCIAL SKILLS ..

BEST SOCIAL SKILLS is so important to us especially for meeting & date with someone and for INTERVIEW.. like interview for changer students, for jobs and to graduate to some university or college...

There are a lot chatting software nowadays.

Top 10 Free Video Chat Software

paltalk scene Paltalk Scene
Platform: Windows
Website: Paltalk Scene 

This software is specialized in video chatting and it works really well. Gives access to thousands of live video chat rooms and dozens of regularly scheduled video chat shows.
oovoo ooVoo
Platform: Windows, Mac
Website:  ooVoo

Quite new and very stylish service. It is combination of video call tool and free video chat for up to six participants. Also offers the ability to record and send video messages.
msn messenger MSN Messenger
Platform: Windows, Mac
Website: MSN

It’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard about MSN messenger. Free Instant messaging and one-to-one video calls. Also allows making inexpensive calls to regular phone lines.
yahoo messenger Yahoo! Messenger 
Platform: Windows, Unix, Mac, Mobile, Web-based
Website: Yahoo messenger

Well-known Instant Messenger from Yahoo. It is widely used amoung It does support one-2-one video calls, but the video quality, particularly the frame rate, is poor. 

camforg Camfrog 
Platform:  Windows
Website: Camfrog

Hundreds of chat rooms and video tet-a-tet chat. Additionally you can create and host your own chat rooms using Camfrog Video Chat Room Server.
SightSpeed SightSpeed
Platform: Windows, Mac
Website: sightspeed.com 

It is MFU - IM messenger + Video calls + Voice calls + gate to landline + online video business meetings. Unfortunately multifunction doesn't mean good. The result is poor performance in all categories.
HearMe HearMe 
Platform: Windows, Mac
Website: HearMe.com

HearMe is a business oriented solution for video conferencing and online collaboration. A variety of features for online business meetings, including video, audio, and web conferencing. The best solution for small business.
skype Skype
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile
Website: Skype 
Skype is one of the most popular software phones. Plus it is an inexpensive, but exceptionally
high quality online-to-landline and online-to-mobile calls service. Skype have recently launched
 High Quality Video, which is 640 by 480 definition (usually video definition for video chat and 
calls is 320 by 240).

iChatAV iChatAV
Platform: Mac
Website: iChaAV

Macintosh-based instant messenger with live audio and video conferencing capabilities. Compatible with AIM. Unfortunately we have no opportunity to test it.

aim AIM messenger 
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile
Website: AIM

Free instant messaging and video software/service from America Online. Very popular in USA and Canada.

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